2014 EVSE

(click on images for larger view)


Blink L3 & L2 installed

Mats protect screen from hot sun

L2 6kW adapter box charging two 3kw plugins


Canada-college-lot2 staff only

nissan-dealership seen behind L3

Library L3 (vandals broke window glass)

Parking-garage L3 (neither online yet)

(New-image - @Facebook) CT-2020 replaced with CT-4000, L1 outlets are still there

Rosewood Hotel L2  6kW GE Dura-station EVSE

Stanford Shopping Center added two L2 GE Watt-station EVSE

(-images below are old)

@Menlo Park Facebook, CT-2100 combo L2 & L1 EVSE

(Old-image) CT-2020 dual L2 j1772 couplers and L1 5-20 outlets below them

(Old-image) Each cement pad has 4 L2 6kW and 4 L1 outlets

Theater garage with combo L2 & L1 EVSE

Parking garage with combo L2 & L1 EVSE

 EVSE shown were removed as a building is being erected on the parking lot